Tools to unleash and capture creativity while walking

Creativity unleashing tools

So while I walk, I always have my iPhone and Airpods with me to make the most of my time. Here is what I use while I walk:

  • Spotify: To listen to podcasts. I love interviews with creatives and content creators.
  • Audible: To listen to audiobooks. I love consuming self-help books when I walk.
  • YouTube: Every once in a while, I listen to guided walking meditation on YouTube, which clears my mind and reboots my system.
  • Fitness +: To listen to guided walks.

Capturing tools

The tools mentioned above help unleash my creativity. I listen to a story of a prolific creator or a self-help book, and the ideas just keep flowing.

Do you use creativity unleashing tools when you walk? How do you capture your big magic?

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Natasha Tynes

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