A Quick Guide To Creating Digital Products

Natasha Tynes
2 min readNov 28, 2022

If you want to monetize your writing, then creating digital products is a must.

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The good news is that nowadays, it is extremely easy to create a product that your audience will love and pay for.

Here is a quick guide on how to create and sell a digital product:

  • Pick a topic that you are very familiar with. My first product was about writing pitches for editors and marketing managers. I picked this topic because I have been pitching and getting published in various publications for almost 25 years so that I could write about this in my sleep.
  • Make it simple. Divide it into chapters and subchapters. For example. My ebook contains the following chapters:
    How to compose a winning pitch.
    Where to find editors to pitch to.
    How to organize your workflow.
  • Share it with a colleague or a fellow writer or content created for a peer review. Make sure it’s typo-free.
  • Open Canva. I( have a paid account ) and look for an “e-booklet” template. Find one you like and paste your material there. Of course, you can customize the template to your liking.
  • Look for an “e-book cover” template on Canva and design your cover, including your title and name.
  • Download the book as a pdf and the cover as a JPG.



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